ZUM WEITERLESEN (Sekundärliteratur)

Don Hutchinson
The Great Pulp Heroes

Mosaic Press | 1995
21,5 x 14 cm -- 276 pp., illustrated
ISBN: 978-0889625853

"Back in the thirties and forties, every guy harbored stacks of pulp fiction magazines bearing lurid covers designed to capture the eye with circus poster brilliance. Printed on cheap wood pulp paper and costing only about ten cents, these magazines were called "the pulps." Condemned by educators and ignored by critics, the so-called pulps were the working person's escape hatch - a vivid splash of color in the emptiness of the Great Depression. "The Great Pulp Heroes is an important look at the way in which certain figures concocted in the 1930s and 1940s became vital threads in the fabric of popular culture." (Werbetext)

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