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Robert Sampson
Yesterday's Faces, Vols. 1-6
A Study of Series Characters in the Early Pulp Magazines

Popular Press Bowling Green State University | Bowling Green 1983 - 1993
jeweils 15 x 23 cm

Vol. 1: GLORY FIGURES (1983 - 282 pp. - ISBN: 978-0879722180)
Vol. 2: STRANGE DAYS (1984 - 302 pp. - ISBN: 978-0879722623)
Vol. 3: FROM THE DARK SIDE (1987 - 280 pp. - ISBN: 978-0879723637)
Vol. 4: THE SOLVERS (1987 - 320 pp. - ISBN: 978-0879724153)
Vol. 5: DANGEROUS HORIZONS (1991 - 220 pp. - ISBN: 978-0879725143)
Vol. 6: VIOLENT LIVES (1993 - (?) pp. - ISBN: 978-0879726157)

(1) The pulp magazines dealt in fiction that was, by reason of the audience and the medium, heightened beyond normal experience. The drama was intense, the colors vivid, and the pace exhausting. The characters moving through these prose dreams were heightened, too. Most were cast in a quasi-heroic mold and moved on elevated planes of accomplishment. This book and its companion volumes are concerned with the slow shaping of many literary conventions over many decades. This volume begins the study with the dime novels and several early series characters who influenced the direction of pulp fiction at its source.

(2) The second volume within this series presents more than fifty series characters within pulp fiction, selected to represent four popular story types from the 1907–1939 pulps—scientific detectives, occult and psychic investigators, jungle men, and adventurers in interplanetary romance. Some characters—Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Craig Kennedy, Anthony (Buck) Rogers—became internationally known. Others are now almost forgotten, except by collectors and specialists.

(3) More than forty criminal heroes are examined in this volume. They include evil characters such as Dr. Fu Manchu, Li Shoon, Black Star, the Spider, Rafferty, Mr. Clackworthy, Elegant Edward, Big-nose Charlie, Thubway Tham, the Thunderbolt, the Man in Purple, and the Crimson Clown, plus many, many more! The development of these characters is traced across more than two decades of crime fiction published in Detective Story Magazine, Flynn’s, Black Mask, and other magazines. The conventions that made these stories a special part of popular fiction are examined in detail.

(4) For the fourth volume of this series, Robert Sampson has selected more than fifty magazine series characters to illustrate the development of the character of the detective. Included here are both the amateur and professional detective, female investigators, deducting doctors, brilliant amateurs, and equally brilliant professional police. There are private detectives reflecting Holmes and hard-boiled cops from the parallel traditions of realism and melodramatic fantasy. Characters include Brady and Riordan, Terry Trimble, Glamorous Nan Russell, J. G. Reeder, plus many others.

(5) In this fifth volume of the Yesterday’s Faces series, Robert Sampson has selected a host of series characters who adventured throughout the world in the 1903–1930 pulps. Sparkling brightly among these characters are Terence O'Rourke, Captain Blood, and the ferocious Hurricane Williams. More characters include Peter the Brazen, in China, Sanders of the River, in Africa—and much, much more.

(6) Adventure, suspense, above all violence—these filled the lives of the characters brightening the pulp magazines. From the early 1900s to the 1950s, these magazines of popular fiction offered hard-paced entertainment and high wonder. In "Violent Lives" Robert Sampson calls up a vivid selection of adventurers, spies, and warriors.

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